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Tzlil Meudcan


The International Festival & Summer Course for New Music Performance & Composition

ISRAEL 10.07 – 13.07.2017


Monday, July 10th, HaTeiva, Jaffa

20:00 // Festival Opening: Diotima Quartet

Luigi NonoFragmente-Stille, an Diotima for string quartet (1980)

Enno PoppeBuch for string quartet (2016)


21:30 // Saxophone Recital – Patrick Stadler

​Giorgio NettiNecessità d’interrogare il cielo for saxophone solo (1996/99)​



​Tuesday, July 11th, HaTeiva, Jaffa​

Nikel – A DECADE: box release party ​
20:00 // Nikel hosting Mohna, Alexander Schubert & Matthew Shlomowitz

Alexander Schubert – Bureau del Sol for turn table, saxophone & drum set (2011)

Matthew ShlomowitzLecture About Listening to Music for lecturer, saxophone & synthesiser (2017) Premiere

MohnaMy approach is your error for voice, clarinet, synthesiser & electronics (2017)

Alexander SchubertDark Eyes (remake) for voice, synthesiser, kalimba & electronics (2017)

MohnaThe Museum o​f No Art for voice, percussion, kalimba & electronics (2017)


21:30 // Ministry of Bad Decisions

​Stefan Prins, Yaron Deutsch & Brian Archinal​ –  I think I will for electric guitar, drum set, electronics & video (2015)​


​22:15 // Projection: Nikel live in Wien Modern 2015 DVD

Alexander Schubert Supramodal Parser for voice, saxophone, e-guitar, drum set, keyboard, electronics & light (2015)​



​Wednesday, July 12th, HaTeiva, Jaffa​

​20:00 // Ictus (Tom Pauwels & Liesa Van Der Aa):American Lament​

Larry PolanskySweet Betsy from Pike ; Eskimo Lullaby for voice, violin and resonator guitar (2006)

James TenneyHarmonium #1 for electric guitar and loop station (1976)

Christopher Trapani : Two Folksong Distortions for guitar, voice, violin, pedal effects and live-electronics (2015)


​21:30 // Klaus Lang Harmonium recital with guest appearance from Ilan Volkov ​

Klaus Langthe ugly house. I for Harmonium solo (2012)
Klaus Lang & I​lan VolkovImprovisation. I for Harmonium and violin (2017)

Klaus Langthe ugly house. III for Harmonium solo (2012)
Yoav Levya collection of gazes at the moon for Harmonium solo (2017) Premiere
Klaus Langthe ugly house. V for Harmonium solo (2012)



Thursday, July 13th, HaTeiva, Jaffa​

​20:00 // Ensemble PLUS MINUS​

​Marko Ciciliani​Black Horizon for four percussionists on two electric guitars in table-top position(2009)​

​James SaundersEverybody ​Do This open instrumentation (2014)

​Sarah Nemtsov – Drummed Variation ​ for No Drumset and Kaoss Pad (2014)

Avshalom ArielIsh Authenti for two electric guitar & two percussionists (2017) Premiere


21:30 // Closing Concert: Saalhardali

Jonathan Shmilovitz, Avshalom Ariel, Shaul Barkan, Uri Kutner & Tom Bolig perform songs from their eponymous debut album



In 2007 we began an international chamber festival for contemporary music which was followed – two years later – by an international composer’s summer course. Together they formed a new hybrid structure in Israel which we named – Tzlil Meudcan (“updated tone” in Hebrew). With new perspectives in mind, the Tzlil Meudcan Festival 2017 edition aims to host  a small select group of prominent composers for not only working closely with our guest composers’ faculty but as well to engage in our new – HEAR & NOW – “round table” thinking groups structure joined by a vast line up of invited specialists – performers, conductors, musicologists, journalists, bloggers, sound engineers and so on – to actively hold debates dedicated to actual current questions in the field of new music.


Since the ongoing rise of summer/winter courses for new music, giving composers/performers more and more “real time” opportunities (compose, perform etc.), we felt an offering of critical “round table” platform (HEAR & NOW) might be of a welcomed extension for expanding and examining composers’ knowledge on their way to reach new depths in their craft and vision. A vision which eventually is hoped at the end of each edition, not only be at the benefit of one’s self creative skills (“The participant”), but to also offer conclusions echoing to a farther circle of specialist in the new music milieu.


This new aspect of the course is to replace our call for new pieces by the participants, which obviously had benefits, but as well shifted energy into the moment of realizing the new works. However, as before, the participants still enjoy an intensive week of individual composition lessons on daily basis with our two main composition teachers (Mr. Klaus Lang & Mr. Matthew Shlomowitz), who will be joined this year by additional guest composers (Mr. Marco Momi & Mr. Alexander Schubert) to offer a wider perspective and contradicting inputs. Furthermore, the instrumental workshops, performers master classes, one-on-one sessions, lectures, presentations and of course, the evening concerts from renowned international ensembles and soloists round out the Tzlil Meudcan Festival program.


Among the already confirmed guests you’ll find: Diotima Quartet, Plus Minus Ensemble, Stefan Prins, Nikel, Tom Pauwels, Liesa Van der Aa, Ministry of Bad Decisisons, Andreas Karl, Mohna, Ilan Volkov and many more to follow.


All this within the vibrant city of Tel Aviv and its beautiful beaches serving as a background for a reflective week of music gathering.


Further details on the right side of the page

Info For Applicants
Materials required

For applying to the 2017 edition, we kindly invite you to send via email only:

– 2 recent scores

– 2 recent recordings

– Short CV

– Single line proposal for a topic or question to be examined at the HEAR & NOW round table platform


Material should be mailed to:

Where and When?

Tzlil Meudcan upcoming edition will take place in various venues all over Tel Aviv, Israel and will tke place from July 8th to July 13th, 2017.


Participation fees are 385 Euro and cover the following:

– A week’s work with the faculty through individual lessons, work with the guest ensembles, round table activities, presentations & one on one sessions.

– A weeks stay with a room mate (breakfast included) at the Gilgal Hotel located at the heart of the city – 500 meters from the beach & 500 meters from the music center.

– General pass for all festival events

Deadline and announcement

Deadline for submission of applications: February 25th, 2017

Announcement of chosen applicants: March 11th, 2017

For further details and questions:

We look forward having you with us


Yours Sincerely


Yaron Deutsch

Director, Tzlil Meudcan – International Festival & Summer Course for New Music