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Past Festivals

The International Festival & Summer Course for New Music Performance & Composition
ISRAEL 10.07 – 13.07.2017
Monday, July 10th, HaTeiva, Jaffa
20:00 // Festival Opening: Diotima Quartet

Luigi Nono – Fragmente-Stille, an Diotima for string quartet (1980)

Enno Poppe – Buch for string quartet (2016)


21:30 // Saxophone Recital – Patrick Stadler

​Giorgio Netti – Necessità d’interrogare il cielo for saxophone solo (1996/99)​



Tuesday, July 11th, HaTeiva, Jaffa​
Nikel – A DECADE: box release party ​
20:00 // Nikel hosting Mohna, Alexander Schubert & Matthew Shlomowitz

Alexander Schubert – Bureau del Sol for turn table, saxophone & drum set (2011)

Matthew Shlomowitz – Lecture About Listening to Music for lecturer, saxophone & synthesiser (2017) Premiere

Mohna – My approach is your error for voice, clarinet, synthesiser & electronics (2017)

Alexander Schubert – Dark Eyes (remake) for voice, synthesiser, kalimba & electronics (2017)

Mohna – The Museum o​f No Art for voice, percussion, kalimba & electronics (2017)


21:30 // Ministry of Bad Decisions

​Stefan Prins, Yaron Deutsch & Brian Archinal​ –  I think I will for electric guitar, drum set, electronics & video (2015)​


​22:15 // Projection: Nikel live in Wien Modern 2015 DVD

Alexander Schubert – Supramodal Parser for voice, saxophone, e-guitar, drum set, keyboard, electronics & light (2015)​


​Wednesday, July 12th, HaTeiva, Jaffa​
​20:00 // Ictus (Tom Pauwels & Liesa Van Der Aa):American Lament​

Larry Polansky – Sweet Betsy from Pike ; Eskimo Lullaby for voice, violin and resonator guitar (2006)

James Tenney – Harmonium #1 for electric guitar and loop station (1976)

Christopher Trapani : Two Folksong Distortions for guitar, voice, violin, pedal effects and live-electronics (2015)


​21:30 // Klaus Lang Harmonium recital with guest appearance from Ilan Volkov ​

Klaus Lang – the ugly house. I for Harmonium solo (2012)
Klaus Lang & I​lan Volkov – Improvisation. I for Harmonium and violin (2017)

Klaus Lang – the ugly house. III for Harmonium solo (2012)
Yoav Levy – a collection of gazes at the moon for Harmonium solo (2017) Premiere
Klaus Lang – the ugly house. V for Harmonium solo (2012)


Thursday, July 13th, HaTeiva, Jaffa​
​20:00 // Ensemble PLUS MINUS​

​Marko Ciciliani​- Black Horizon for four percussionists on two electric guitars in table-top position(2009)​

​James Saunders – Everybody ​Do This open instrumentation (2014)

​Sarah Nemtsov – Drummed Variation ​ for No Drumset and Kaoss Pad (2014)

Avshalom Ariel – Ish Authenti for two electric guitar & two percussionists (2017) Premiere

21:30 // Closing Concert: Saalhardali

Jonathan Shmilovitz, Avshalom Ariel, Shaul Barkan, Uri Kutner & Tom Bolig perform songs from their eponymous debut album









International Festival & Summer Course for New Music – Tel Aviv, Israel

09 – 14.07.2016


Monday, July 11th, Felicja Blumental Music Center, Tel Aviv


20:00 Ensemble Mosaik (Germany) – Festival openning concert – Part I

Arik Shapira – Ko Amar for tape (2001)

Matthew Shlomowitzlecture about bad music for lecturer, cl, vl, e-git & synth (2015)


21:15 Ensemble Mosaik – Part II

Arik ShapiraDigital Variations for keyboard solo (2011)

Sarah Nemtsov – white eyes erased for keyboard and drumset (2014/15)

Bernhard Lang – DW23 for cl, vl, e-git & synth/pn sampler (2013)


Tuesday, July 12th, Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv


20:00 Maurice Quartet (Italy) – Part I*

Georg Friedrich Haas –  In iij Noct. for string quartet (2001)

21:15 Maurice Quartet – Part II*

Marco MomiAlmost Pure for E.P. for string quartet (2011)

Chaya CzernowinSeed I for string quartet (2008)

Fausto Romitelli – Natura morta con fiamme for string quartet & electronics (1991)

* Maurice Quartet  concerts  are enjoying the collaboration and  kind support of the Italian Cultural Institute, Tel Aviv.


22:00 Electronic Opera

Arik ShapiraKastner Trial, electronic opera in 13 scenes (1991-1994)


Wednesday, July 13th, HaTeiva, Jaffa


20:00 Ensemble Nikel, Tel Aviv Saxophone quartet (Israel)

John Cage – Child of Tree for solo performer (1975) 

Arik Shapira – Quartet #1 for saxophone quartet (2001)

Ole Huebner – Analogue/Grave for 2 pianos (2016) Premiere

Georgio Netti – ultimo a lato for saxophone solo (2005)

Michael Pisaro – A mist is a connection of Points for percussion & piano (2015)

Amir Shpilman – New piece for saxophone & percussion (2016) Premiere

Ruben SeroussiL’autre.à.Mont après une lecture du Maldoror for saxophone quartet (2016) Premiere


22:00 Duo Francoise-Grimaître (Switzerland)

Karlheinz Stockhausen – Mantra for two pianos (1970)


Thursday, July 14th, Felicja Blumental Music Center, Tel Aviv


20:00 Sterev, Jevtovic, Rotari – accordion trio (Austria)

Georg Friedrich Haas “…wie ein Nachtstück” for accordion trio (1991)

José María Sánchez-Verdú – Arquitecturas del Silencio (2004)
Matthew Shlomowitz – Letter pieces 5: Northern cities for two performers (2008)

Magnus Lindberg Jeux d’anches for accordion solo (1990)

Omri Abram New piece for accordion trio (2016) Premiere


21:15 Meitar Ensemble (Israel) – closing event

Arik Shapira – Jingle for fl, vln & pno (1979)

Oliver Thurley – falling as rain and then rising for cl, vl & vlc (2016) Premiere

Georg Friedrich Haas – Ins licht for vln, vlc & pno (2007)

Mark Andre – Asche for fl, cl, vla, vlc & pno (2004/14)
Matthias Kreuger Hier war Blau, hier war Gelb, hier war Grün (2016) for fl, cl & pno (2016) Premiere


The International Festival and Summer Course

for New Music Performance and Composition – Tel Aviv, Israel

Each year since the inception of the Tzlil Meudcan Festival for Contemporary Music, there has been a focus on an individual composer and the aesthetics presented within the compositions. The goal was to establish a series of concert programs around an individual compositional aesthetic, in an effort to present a possible analogue to current practices in contemporary music. At the same time, this approach served to introduce the local audience to works and composers of great significance whose names and music, which, for the most part, had been rarely – if at all – played in the region. Names like Helmut Lachenmann, Salvatore Sciarrino, Brian Ferneyhough, Chaya Czernowin, Georges Aperghis or Pierluigi Billone, were all featured composers in the festival’s previous years.


The summer of 2014 is still resonating within people of the region and accross the world, as well in the minds of the artists taking part in the 2014 Tzlil Meudcan edition. The sounds of war sirens envading the concert hall and the reality of men, women & children being held captive to death and destruction by horrific choices of leaders reminded us all how sadly insignificant can a singular opposing voice can be while the motor tanks are roaring.


Whether in a democracy or not, lt seems “a (different) voice” can maybe be heard but lt is unfortunately impotent. As so a personal choice to withdraw into an “island” of one’s own thoughts/actions might be favored while at the same time it enhances a given state of limbo, or actually deepen the stalemate of the status quo. And still, in the fields of art, a conscious choice of becoming an island, or voting for singularity while rejecting the common thinking is more often to succeed in having an impact – larger then the actual size of the singular voice –  for presenting alternatives to the institutions one has voted to swim opposite of or simply stand firm within its stream, offering original directions and hanging points for a new perception on the current.


As so, our edition devotes itself to “islands” where collection of known islands help us to exemplify individuality as a theme and therefore “individuality” is the “name” to be in focus. May the goals of diversity and pluralism lead us to an alternative away from the the conformism of the status-quo or not, being an “island” seems at the moment to be a worthy consideration. This quality of singularity was the one leading the artistic choices made in formulating the 2015 Tzlil Meudcan program presenting a matrix of connections between composers such as John Cage, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Giacinto Scelsi, Helmut Lachenmann, Pierluigi Billone, Simon Steen Andersen & Dmitri Kourliandski to name a few,  all offering their individuality as not only a creative source but as an inspiration to the singular person’s output in influencing its community by “introvert” actions that might stand in contrary or along the outspoken ones.


Continuing our summer academy platform, seven composers​ were chosen to take part – all to be presented with a new piece. They are: Giulia Larusso (IT), Bnaya Halperin Kaddari (ISR), Esaias Jarnegard (SE), Julien Malaussena (FR), Adi Snir (ISR), Elena Rykova (RU) Goni Peles (IS).


Also while festival days, the Chelouche Gallery for Contemporary Art in Tel Aviv will be hosting the sound exhibition – “Islands in the Stream”, amplifying the festival theme with works by John Cage, Leif Inge, Uli Fussenegger, Johannes Kreidler, Simon Steen Andersen & Amnon Wolman


Guests performances on the bill will be: Ensemble asamisimasa, Matteo Cessari, Uli Fussenegger, Martin Siewert, Lucas Fels, Antoine Francoise, Musica Nova Consort, Amit Dubester, Ensemble Nikel & Ensemble Interface.



Saturday, July 18th – Chelouche Gallery for Contemporary Art
20:30 Exhibition // Festival kick off
In parallel with the festival days, the Chelouche Gallery for Contemporary Art in Tel Aviv will be hosting the exhibition – “Islands in the Stream” presenting in its 3 floor notorious eclectic architecture building works from Leif Inge (“9 Beet Stretch”), Johannes Kreidler (video works collection), Amnon Wolman – new work and an assembly of recent and past creations, Uli Fussenegger (remixes), Simon Steen Andersen (video works) and John Cage’s – “diary: How to improve the world (you will only make matters worse)”.
* kick off evening to include live performances of solo works by Karlheinz Stockhausen & Laurence Crane.


Monday, July 20th – Felicja Blumental Music Center
19:00 Meet the composers // …Lectio
A talk with composers Pierluigi Billone & Dmitri Kourliandsky


20:00 Opening concert – “Mania” // Ensemble asamisimasa (NO)
Simon Steen Andersen – rerendered for piano, 2 assitants & video (2003-04)
Simon Steen Andersen – Study for string isntruments number 3 for cellsit & video (2011)
Laurence Crane – John White in Berlin for egtr, perc, vlc & pno  (2003)
Bnaya Halperin Kaddari – Supercentenarians for egtr, perc & vlc  (2015) WP
Esaias Järnegard – Nagug for egtr, perc, vlc & pno  (2015) WP


21:30 Flute recital – Matteo Cesari (IT)
Franco Donatoni – Nidi for  piccolo (1992)
Pierluigi Billone – Staglio (Recta Lectio) for bass flute (2013) WP
Aureliano Cattaneo – Visible for piccolo (2002-03)
Dmitri Kourliandski – FL (Falsa Lectio) #2 for bass flute (2008)
Brian Ferneyhough – Superscriptio for piccolo (1981)


Tuesday, July 21st – Felicja Blumental Music Center
19:00 Talk // “Back to the 80’s”
The actions of individuals and their impact on the new music scene from the 80’s till today. A talk with double bass player Uli Fussenegger – founding member of Klangforum Wien & cellist Lucas Fels – founding member of Ensemble Recherche and currently cellist with the Arditti Quartet.


20:00 Concert // Fussenegger-Siewert (AT), Dubester-Weinstein (ISR)
Uli Fussenegger – San Theodoro 8 for sax, egtr, vlc, db & tape (2014)
Giacinto Scelsi – Mantram for doule bass (1987)
Adi Snir – Charasim for sax, egtr & db (2015) WP


21:30 Cello recital // Lucas Fels (DE)
Helmut Lachenmann  – Pression for cello (1969-70)
Hans Thomalla – Cello-Counterpart for cello (2006)
Yuval Shaked – Rhymodo for cello (1985)
Giacinto Scelsi – Triphon for cello (1956)


Wednesday, July 22nd – Felicja Blumental Music Center
19:00 Introduction // revolution with screws, bolts, plastic & rubber
Pianist, Antoine Francoise, invites audience on stage and “into” the piano, introducing public with the construction and preparations made at the later to be performed John cage classic – sonatas & interludes.


20:00 Piano recital // Antoine Francoise (CH)
John Cage – Sonatas & interludes (1946-48)


21:30 concert // Musica Nova Consort (IL)
Ian Power – BUOY (natandum novum) for ensemble (2015) WP
Avshalom Ariel – Bekhol Zot for ensemble (2015) WP
Sivan Eldar – Béla for ensemble (2015) WP
Yoni Niv – Deviations for ensemble (2015)


Thursday, July 23rd – Felicja Blumental Music Center
19:30 Aviv competition winner’s concert  // Saxophone recital – Amit Dubester (IL)
Karlheinz Stockhausen – In Freundschaft for soprano saxophone (1977)
Giacinto Scelsi – Tre Pezzi for soprano saxophone (1956)
Karlheinz Stockhausen – Knabenduett for saxophone duo (1980)


20:00 Concert // Nikel (IL)
Ian Power –  For Current resonance for perc & pno (2012/13)
Simon Steen Andersen – De Profundis for saxophone solo (2000)
Goni Peles – New piece for sax & perc (2015) WP
Giulia Lorusso – Here, beyond this place for sax, perc & pno (2015) WP
Elena Rykova – 101% mind uploading for 3 performers, pno, objects & perc (2015) WP


21:30 Closing event “Melancolia” // Ensemble Interface (DE)
Helmut Oehring – Melancolia I for fl & pno (2010-12)
Helmut Oehring – Leuchter for fl, vlc & pno (1994)
Julien Malaussena – interlaced (interrelated) for fl, vlc & pno (2015) WP
Adam Maor- New piece for fl, vlc & pno (2015) WP
Salvatore Sciarrino – Melancolia I for vlc & pno (1980-82)

Tzlil Meudcan 2014

The International Festival & Summer Course for New Music Performance & Composition
ISRAEL 04.07 – 10.07.2014

Composer in Focus:


Composition Faculty:

Pierluigi Billone &
José María Sánchez-Verdú

Invited Composers:

Jason Thorpe Buchanan
Yoav Chorev
Robert Dahm
Esaias Järnegard
Evan Gardner
Bnaya Halperin
Abel Paul
Zesses Seglias


Monday 07/07 – Felicja Blumental Music Center, Tel Aviv
18:45 Lecture // Yuval Shaked (ISR): The Perfection of Absolute

Composer Yuval Shaked on tortuousness and elusiveness of complexity in Brian Ferneyhough’s works

20:00 – Festival opening event // Concert in 2 acts

Part I : Percussion quartet – Ensemble This Ensemble That (CH)
Brian Ferneyhough – Fanfare for Klaus Huber for percussion (1987)

Part II : Ensemble Modern – Piano trio (DE)
Bernd Alois Zimmermann – Présence for vln, vlc & pno (1961)
José María Sánchez-Verdú – Hekkan II – Trio IV for vln, vlc & pno (2008)
Ruben Seroussi – Ancla for vln, vlc & pno (2010) WP
Robin Hoffmann  – Schleifers Methoden for cello solo (2005)
Avshalom Ariel – Food Porn for vln, vlc & pno (2014) WP

21:30 Concert // Flute recital – Erik Drescher (DE)

Michael Maierhof – splitting 39 for glissando flute, amplified headjoint extention and tape (2012)
Brian Ferneyhough – Cassandra’s Dream Song for flute solo (1970)
Esaias Järnegard – Anima for flute solo (2014) WP
Nicolaus A. Huber –  SISTERS SOUNDS for glissando flute with 4 singing bowls and triangle (2012/2013)

Peter Ablinger – SS. GIOVANNI & PAOLO for glissando flute and tape (2012)

Tuesday 08/07 – Felicja Blumental Music Center, Tel Aviv
18:45 Project // Musrara Mix part I

Students from the department of new music and sound art at the Musrara Arts School present their new harvest of works alongside additional performances of experimental repertoire explored in the passing year.

20:00 Concert // Cello recital – Séverine Ballon (FR)

Bernd Alois Zimmermann – Sonate for cello solo (1960)
Rebecca Saunders – Solitude for cello solo (2013)
Marek Poliks – a tabulation / an unmarking for Cello solo (2013)
Evan Gardner – New piece for cello solo (2014) WP

21:30 Concert // Percussion quartet – Ensemble This Ensemble That (CH)

George Aperghis – Les guetters de sons for percussion trio (1981)
Marianthi  Papalexandri-Alexandri – Kein Thema for percussion trio (2007)
Yoav Chorev – My Spine for percussion quartet (2014) WP
Simon Steen-Andersen – Difficulties Putting it Into Practice for percussion duo (2007/10)
Beat Furrer – Music for Mallets for percussion trio (1985)

Wednesday 09/07 – Felicja Blumental Music Center, Tel Aviv
18:45 Project // Musrara Mix part II

Students from the department of new music and sound art at the Musrara Arts School present their new harvest of works alongside additional performances of experimental repertoire explored in the passing year.

20:00 Concert // Guitars Back 2 Back – Oh Mensch Duo (BE/BR)

Matthias Spahlinger – Entfernte Ergänzung for guitar duo (2012)
Larry Polansky – Tritune for guitar duo (2013)
Alex Mincek – Strata for amplified solo guitar (2012)
Bnaya Halperin – Har Kachol (Blue Mountain {as sand}) for 2 steel string guitars (2014) WP
Arthur Kampela – Percussion Study Nr. 3 for solo guitar  (1998)
Bryan Ferneyhough – no time (at all) for guitar duo (2004)

21:30  Concert // Duo Weinstein – Legmann (ISR)

Morton Feldman – Patterns in a Chromatic Field and Untitled for Cello and Piano (1981)

Thursday 10/07 – Felicja Blumental Music Center, Tel Aviv
18:45 Screening // Brian Ferneyhough focus

A collection of video excerpts following focal points in the music and career of Brian Ferneyhough

20:00 Concert // Ensemble Nikel (ISR)

Mark Andre – iv12 for saxophone solo (2013/14)
Jason Thorpe Buchanan – Antistasis for sax, perc and pno (2014) WP
Brian Ferneyhough – Opus Contra Naturam, a shadow play for speaking pianist (2000)
Alex Mincek – Nucleus for saxophone and drum set (2007)
Abel Paul – Geografia del pliegue for sax, perc and pno (2014) WP

21:30  Festival Closing event // Trio Amos (AT)

Bernhard Lang – Monadologie XXI – …for Franz II for fl, acc and vlc (2014) WP
Nimrod Sahar – Garden Path (Holzwegeffekt) for fl, acc and vlc (2014) WP
Klaus Lang – Origami for fl, acc and vlc (2011)
Zesses Seglias – trio amoroso, omaggio a Claudio Monteverdi for fl, acc and vlc (2014) WP
Robert Dahm – wie verschlafenes haar auf einem hübschen gesicht for fl, acc and vlc (2014) WP

Tzlil Meudcan 2013

The International Festival & Summer Course for New Music Performance & Composition
ISRAEL 04.07 – 11.07.2013

Composer in Focus:


Composition Faculty:

Chaya Czernowin

Steven Takasugi

Invited Composers:

Sabrina Schroeder

Manuel Rodriguez

Avshalom Ariel

Dimou Stylianos

Fredrik Wallberg

Mauricio Pauly

Lisa Streich

Roni Brenner

Festival program:

Monday 08/07 – Felicja Blumental Music Center, Tel Aviv
19:00 – Composers Talk // Grand Piano Reflections

A talk with composers Chaya Czernowin (ISR), Jean Luc Fafchamps (BE) and Steven Takasugi (USA) departing from their own recent works for piano solo to additional observations on repertoire of the canonic and “abused” piano solo medium as a mirror to changes in contemporary music aesthetics.

20:00 – Festival opening event // Concert in 2 parts

Part I : Stephane Ginsburgh, Piano (BE)
Stefan Prins – Piano Hero #1 for keyboard, live electronics & video (2012)
Sabrina Schroeder – Stircrazer for piano solo with live mechanics (2013) WP 
Salvatore Sciarrino – Perduto in una città d’acque for piano (1990-91)
Part II : Uli Fussenegger – Double Bass (AT) // Doris Nicoletti (AT)
Beat Furrer – Ira-Arca for flute & double bass (2012)
Georges Aperghis – Paralando for double bass solo (2007)
Salvatore Sciarrino – Morte Tamburo for flute solo (1999)
Manuel Rodriguez – New piece for flute & double bass (2013) WP

22:00 Concert // Piano recital – Stephane Ginsburgh (BE)

Jean-Luc Fafchamps – Beth/Veth for piano, percussion and live electronics (2012)

Tuesday 09/07 – Felicja Blumental Music Center, Tel Aviv
18:30 Screening // Salvatore Sciarrino – Luci mie traditrici

A screening of Sciarrino’s opera Luci mie traditrici performed by ensemble Algoritmo and directed by Christian Pade.

20:30 Concert // Percussion quartet – Ensemble This Ensemble That (CH)

Jurg Frey – Metal, Stone, Skin, Foliage, Air for percussion quartet (1996-2001)

22:00 Concert // Back 2 Back – Sabine Akiko Ahrendt (DE), Marco Fusi (IT)

Simon Steen-Andersen – Study for String Instrument #1 for violin (2007)
Jennifer Walshe – Dirty white fields for violin and voice (2002)
Salvatore Sciarrino – sei capricci for violin (1975-76)
Avshalom Ariel –  GoodTimeGoodTimeGoodTime …….Good for violin duo (2013) WP

Wednesday 10/07 – Felicja Blumental Music Center, Tel Aviv
18:30 Lecture // Yuval Shaked (ISR): Still Life?

Composer Yuval Shaked in a lecture regarding aspects of Salvatore Sciarrino’s music.

20:00 Concert // Piano Recital – Joonas  Ahonen (FI)

Gyorgy Ligeti – Etudes for piano, Book II (1988-94)
Anton Webern – Variations for piano, Op. 27 (1935-1936)
Salvatore Sciarrino – Notturno No. 2 for piano solo (1998)
Beat Furrer – Studie for piano (2011)

22:00  Concert // Esemble Nikel (ISR) Hosts:

Cellist Dan Weinstein (ISR) & Violinist Sabine Akiko Ahrendt (DE)
Dimou Stylianos – momentum “X”: an illusory impetus for sax, pno & vln (2013) WP
Fredrik Wallberg – Trio for sax, perc & vlc (2010) WP
Chaya Czernowin – FardanceCLOSE for piano solo (2012)
Clinton McCallum – In a hall of mirrors waiting to die for sax & pno (2008)
Mauricio Pauly – vs. el monopolio de la memoria for sax, pno & vln (2013) WP

Thursday 11/07 – Felicja Blumental Music Center, Tel Aviv
19:00 Project // Digital Rendezvous

Students of the Leo Beck high school in Haifa present their latest works using Max/Msp at the frame of the Electronic Music Course program instructed by Elad Shneiderman. Department head: Yonatan Cana’an.

20:00 Concert // Percussion quartet – Ensemble This Ensemble That (CH)

Lisa Streich  – The house of the others for bicycle, crotales & percussion trio (2013) WP
Georges Aperghis – Le Corps Á Corps for zarb (1978)
Salvatore Sciarrino – Un fruscìo lungo trent’anni for percussion quartet (1967)
Michael Maierhof – Shopping 4 for three performers (2005/06)
Ryan Beppel – Voiando La Caja for three percussionists (2011)
Roni Brenner – New piece for percussion quartet (2013) WP

22:00  Festival Closing event // Musica Nova Consort (ISR)

Steven Takasugi – An Undercurrent for four unspecified instruments and playback (2013) WP
Adi Snir – Stills for four unspecified instruments. For Musica Nova (2013) WP
Annea Lockwood – Jitterbug for ‘tape’ and graphic score for two or more musicians (2006)
James Saunders – overlay (1) for vlc (2012), overlay (2) for bass drum (2012) WP

Tzlil Meudcan 2012

The International Festival & Summer Course for New Music Performance & Composition
ISRAEL 20.06 – 30.06.2012

Composer in Focus:


Composition Faculty:

Chaya Czernowin

Steven Takasugi

Invited Composers:

Hadas Pe’ery

Yuko Ohara

Timothy Mccormack

Theodor Schubach

Lina Jarengard

Goni Peles

Or Shemesh


Festival program:

Wednesday 27/06 – Felicja Blumental Music Center, Tel Aviv
19:00 – Meet the composer w. composer Steven Takasugi (USA)
20:00 – Festival opening // concert in three (short) parts

Part I – Ensemble musikFabrik (Germany)

Georges Aperghis – Damespiel for bass clarinet solo (2012) WP

Georges Aperghis – À bout de bras for ob & cl (1989)

Liza Lim – Gyfu for oboe solo (2011)

Steven Takasugi – Jargon of Nothingness for ob, cl & electronics (2012) WP

Hadas Pe’ery – l’écroulement général for ob & cl (2012) WP

Part II – Ensemble Nikel (Israel) w. Flutist Michael Schmid (Germany)

Georges Aperghis – Quatre Pièces fébriles for perc & pno (1995)

Yuko Ohara – Double Helix for flute solo (2012) WP

Tim McCormak – traces that time leaves on built form for perc & pno (2012) WP

Elipog – musikFabrik // Michael Schmid // Ensemble Nikel

Theodor Schubach – kerben/Resonanzen for ob, cl, fl, perc & pno (2012) WP

22:30 – Concert // Duo Walentinowicz-Woerner (Poland)

Lina Jarengard – New piece for baritone & piano (2012) WP

Georges Aperghis – Jactations 4,7,14 for baritone solo (2001)

Iannis Xenakis – Pour

Maurice for baritone and piano (1982)

Wolfgang Rihm – Klavierstueck V for piano solo

Chaya Czernowin – Algae for baritone & piano (2009)

Thursday 28/06 – Hotel Gilgal, Tel Aviv
19:00 Documentary (screening) // Georges Aperghis – Strom beneath a skull

A film by Catherine Maximoff (2006)

20:00 Lecture // Yuval Shaked – The Turn of a Phrase

Composer Yuval Shaked lectures about the music of Georges Aperghis

22:00 Music Theater (screening) // Georges Aperghis – Machinations

Screening of the piece Machinations for four singers and electronics (2000)

Friday 29/06 – Felicja Blumental Music Center, Tel Aviv
20:30 Presentation // Launch of the new “PEIMOT” magazine edition
21:30  Cello recital // Alexis Descharmes (France)

Benjamin Britten – Tema « Sacher » (1976)
Hans Werner Henze – Capriccio (1976-1981)
Heinz Holliger – Chaconne (1975)
Cristobal Halffter – Variationen über das Thema « Sacher » (1975)
Henri Dutilleux – Trois strophes sur le nom de Sacher (1975-1982)
Klaus Huber – Transpositio ad infinitum (1976)
Conrad Beck – Drei Epigramme (1975)
Witold Lutosławski – Sacher Variation (1975)
Wolfgang Fortner – Thema und Variationen (1976)
Luciano Berio – Les Mots sont allés… (1976-1978)
Alberto E. Ginastera – Puneña n° 2 (1976)

Saturday 30/06 – Felicja Blumental Music Center, Tel Aviv
18:30 Music theater // Georges Aperghis – The Little Red Riding Hood

A screening of the piece Little Red Riding Hood performed by Ensemble Reflex and directed by Jean Baptiste Mathieu (2006)

20:00 Concert // Tzlil Meudcan participants ensemble

Yair Klartag –  Compose mentis for large ensemble  (2012) WP
Elliot Carter – Canon for Four for fl, cl, vl & vlc  (1984)
Chaya Czernowin – While Liquid Amber for three piccolos (2000)
Ori Talmon – New Piece for horn solo (2012) WP
Beat Furrer – Poemas for soprano & guitar (1984)
Liza Lim – Invisibility for cello solo (2009)
Louis Andriessen – Workers Union for any loud setting of instruments (1975)

21:30  Festival Closing Concert // Ensemble Phace (Austria)

Goni Peles – Quartet for cl, acc, vl & vlc (2012) WP
Georg Friedrich Haas – de terrae fine for solo vln (2001)
Isabele Mundry – Spiegel Bilder for cl & acc (1996)
Yannis Xenakis – Charisma for cl & vlc (1971)
Bernhard Lang – Schrift III for Solo accordion (2004)
Or Shemesh – Neon for cl, acc, vl & vlc (2012) WP

Tzlil Meudcan 2011

The International Festival & Summer Course for New Music Performance & Composition
ISRAEL 29.06 – 09.07.2011

Composer in Focus:


Composition Faculty:

Chaya Czernowin

Steven Takasugi

Invited Composers:

Adi Snir

Milica Djordjević

Hila Tamir

Adam Maor

Lefteris Papadimitriou

Alexander Chernyskov

Amit Gilutz

Otto Muller

Festival program:

Wednesday 06/07/11 – Felicja Blumental Music Center, Tel Aviv
18:30 Enumerations // Screening

Georges Aperghis, Hugo Santiago – “Enumerations” for 6 actors/musicians (1988)

19:30 Red Steam // Screening

Josiah Oberholtzer – “Red Steam” (2011)

20:00 Ensemble MusikFabrik – Ensemble Ictus // Festival Opening Concert

Matthew Shlomowitz – “Letter Piece 5: Northern Cities” for fl & egtr (2008)
Stefan Prins – “Not I” for electric guitar & live electronics (2007)
Rebecca Saunders – “To and fro” for ob & vln (2010)
Chaya Czernowin – “Fragile” for oboe (2010)
Hugues Dufourt – “Duel à Coups de Gourdin” for flute (2008)
Adi Snir – “Iduointrasy” for fl & gtr (2011) WP
Milica Djordjević – “How to evade?” for ob & vln (2011) WP
Hila Tamir – “If the duck were a songbird” for fl, ob, gtr & vln (2011) WP

22:30 Stump – Linshalm Clarinet duo // Concert

Pierluigi Billone – “1 + 1 = 1” for 2 bass clarinets (2006)

Thursday 07/07/11 – Felicja Blumental Music Center, Tel Aviv
18:30 Ritualistic Tactility // Lecture

Composer Yuval Shaked lectures about the works of composer Pierluigi Billone

20:00 Barbara Maurer // Viola Recital

Piereluigi Billone – “I TI KE MI” for viola solo (1995)
Adam Maor – “Rasputin comes and goes” for viola solo (2011) WP
Gerard Grisey – “Prologue” for viola solo (1976)

21:30 Meet the Composer

A talk with composer Pierluigi Billone, Moderator: Mr. Yuval Shaked

22:30 Ensemble Nikel // Concert

Michael Beil – “Along” for electric guitar and fixed media (2010) WP
Lefteris Papadimitriou – “Beck” for sax, perc & pno (2011) WP
Alexander Chernyskov – “New piece” for saxophone solo (2011) WP
Clinton Mc’Callum – “In a hall of mirrors waiting to die” for sax & pno (2008)
Philippe Hurel – “Localized Corrosion” for sax, egtr, perc  pno (2010)

Friday 08/07/11 – Felicja Blumental Music Center, Tel Aviv
21:00 Tom De Cock // Percussion Recital

Pierluig Billone – “Mani.Matta” for percussion (2008)
Pierluigi Billone – “Mani. Mono” for springdrum (2007)
Pierluigi Billone – “Mani. De Leonardis” for 4 Automobile Springs and Glass (2004)

22:30 Summer Course Students // Concert

Amit Gilutz – “New piece” for 2 clarinets (2011) WP
Stefan Van Eycken – “In defence of the wind beneath the door” for egtr & string quartet (2008)
Philip Glass – “Piece in the Shape of a Square” for 2 flutes (1967)
Fausto Romitelli – “Trash TV Trance” for electric guitar solo (2002)
Otto Muller – “New piece” for 2 clarinets & 6 musicians (2011) WP

00:00 Midnight Movie(s) // Screening

Edgar Barroso – “Binary Opposition” (2010)
Nimrod Katzir – “It’s Graeme” (2011)
Rees Archibald // Andrew Infanti // Matthew Shlomowitz – “A Documentary Saga of the OULIPO” (2006-07)

Saturday 09/07/11 – Felicja Blumental Music Center, Tel Aviv
18:30 Meet the Composer

A talk with composer Michael Beil, Moderator: Mr. Stefan Prins

20:00 Back 2 Back // Students’ Concert

Elliot Carter – “Riconoscenza per Goffredo Petrassi” for violin (1984)
Brian Ferneyough – “Cassandra’s dream song” for flute (1975)
Elliot Carter – “Shard” for guitar (1997)
Brian Ferneyough – “Intermedio alla ciaccona – Carceri d’Invenzione III” for violin (1986)
Elliot Carter – “Oboe quartet” for oboe and string trio (2001)

22:00 Ensemble Nadar // Festival Closing Concert

Simon Steen Andersen – “Next to Beside Besides #5 – v.1” for piccolo flute (2003-06)
Michael Beil – “Mach Sieben” for piano & fixed media (2000)
Simon Steen Andersen – “Next to Beside Besides #5 – v.2” for alto flute (2003-06)
Martin Schüttler – “Schöner Leben 6” for cello & live-electronics (2011)
Simon Steen Andersen – “Next to Beside Besides #5 – v.3” for bass flute (2003-06)
Simon Steen Andersen – “A Bit of Nothing Integrated” for 3 performers & live-video (2007)
Simon Steen Andersen – “Next to Beside Besides #5 – v.4” for kamikaze flute (2003-06)
Bernhard Lang – “DW1” for fl, vlc & pno (1998)

Tzlil Meudcan 2011

The International Festival & Summer Course for New Music Performance & Composition
ISRAEL 24.06 – 03.07.2010

Composer in Focus:


Composition Faculty:

Chaya Czernowin

Steven Takasugi

Invited Composers:

Ori Talmon

Yair Klartag

Hannes Seidl

Stefan Prins

Ashley Rose Fure

David Coll

Roni Brenner

Nimrod Katzir

Festival program:

Wednesday 30/06 – Felicja Blumental Music Center, Tel Aviv
18:30 Concert I: Electroacoustic Music

Steven Takasugi – “Die Klavieruebung” for fixed media playback (2009)

19:30 Composers talk:  Tzlil Meudcan – What? About? Why?

A talk with composers Chaya Czernowin, Ruben Seroussi & Eitan Steinberg

20:30 Concert II: Ictus soloists –Schmid / Depp / Bonnemason

Helmut Lachenmann – “temA” for flute,  mezzo sopran & cello (1968)
Helmut Lachenmann – “Pression” for cello solo (1969/70)
François Bernard-Mâche – “Maponos” for voice (1990)
Ori Talmon – “Borders-collapse:collapse;” for flute, mezzo sopran & cello (2010) WP
Yair Klartag – “Hat Trick” for flute & cello (2010) WP

23:00 Concert III:  Musica Nova Consort

Michael Pisaro – “Harmony” for ensemble(2005)
Ido Govrin – “15 maps of becoming a concept” for ensemble (2010)
Assaf Shatil – “Touch, Scream” for ensemble (2008)
John Cage – “Song Book” for ensemble (1970)

Thursday 01/07 – Felicja Blumental Music Center, Tel Aviv
18:30 – 20:00  Lecture: Goethe Institute Tel Aviv

Composer Yuval Shaked about composer Helmut Lachenmann & his music.

20:00 – 21:00 Take a Walk: “From Goethe to Gutman”

A tour through the beautiful sights of Tel Aviv where audience is invited to join the festival’s artists walking along the route leaving from the Goethe Institut, through the Rothschild boulevard and reaching all the way to the Nachum Gutman museum at the historical Neve Tzedek neighborhood. Tour map will be given out at the festival venues.

21:00 – 22:00 Concert & Exhibition: Nachum Gutman museum

Giacinto Scelsi – “Tre Pezzi” for soprano saxophone solo (1956)
James Tenney – “Seeger Song #2” for flute solo (1999)
Nicolaus A Huber – “Vor und zurück” for oboe solo (1981)

Friday 02/07 – Felicja Blumental Music Center, Tel Aviv
21:00 Concert I:  Ensemble Nikel

Chaya Czernowin – “Sahaf” for ensemble (2008)
Ashley Rose Fure – “Pull” for electric guitar & percussion (2010) WP
Stefan Prins – “Fremdkorper #2” for ensemble & live electronics (2010) WP
Hannes Seidl – “Die Anderen – Jetzt Neu!” For piano and prerecorded CD (2003)
Marco Momi – “Ludica II” for ensemble and prerecorded CD (2009)

22:30 Concert II:  ‘Tzlil Meudcan’ summer course students

Stefano Gervasoni – “Rigirio” for sax, perc & pno (2000)
Nicolaus A. Huber – “Demijour” for ob, vlc & pno (1986)
Toru Takemitsu –  “Itinerant” for flute solo (1989)
Kaija Saariaho – “Mirrors” for fl & vlc (1997)
Misato Mochizuki – “Dérivation” for fl, perc & pno (1996)

00:00 Screening: Composers in the visual frame

Various films by composers who expanded their field of creativity to the mediums of cinema and visual arts.  The screening will present works by: Johannes Kreidler, Michel van der Aa, Hannes Seidl and Daniel Kötter.


Saturday 03/07 – Felicja Blumental Music Center, Tel Aviv
18:30 Composers talk: Electronic music for the masses

A talk with composers Steven Takasugi & Amnon Wolman

19:30 Concert II: Electroacoustic Music

Amnon Wolman  – “Do-Si” for fixed media playback (2010) WP
David Berezan – “Cyclo” for fixed media playback  (2003)
Sivan Cohen Elias – “Soup full oF lies” for fixed media playback (2010)

20:30 Concert II: Barbara Romen – Gunter Schneider Guitar duo

Helmut Lachenmann – “Salut for Caudwell” for two guitars (1977)
Barbara Romen/Gunter Schneider – “Traditional Alpine Music from the 22nd Century” for guitar and Dulcimer (2010)

22:30 Concert III: Ensemble Praesenz

Helmut Lachenmann – “Allegro Sostenuto” for cl, pno & vlc (1987/88)
Richard Barrett – “Interference” for contrabass clarinet, male voice & bass drum (1999-2000)
David Coll – “Dérive” for cl & vlc (2010) WP
Roni Brenner – “Untitled” for bass clarinet solo (2010)
Nimrod Katzir – “Tola’At” for cl, pno & vlc (2010) WP